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This book was awesome! It was like a rollercoaster ride. I didn't want to put it down. Before I read it I thought my life was messed up, but now I realize how good I've got it. I never want to run away--EVER!
-Sharon, 17

Lisa is an extremely talented writer who expresses herself as a teen well. If you want to make a difference in your teenager’s life, I urge you to buy this book. Better yet buy several and give them out to others.   
-Deborah Baird, Faith Ministries, TN

It's hard to get my students interested in any book. But one of my students and I read through your book, and we read a few parts out loud to the whole class, now everyone wants a copy. I'm actually getting the paperwork ready for a purchase order! I hope other schools follow suit. Good luck getting this in the schools--it's so needed!
-Bev Vargo, Adult Ed Teacher, Baker College, Owosso

 This was not only an interesting, thrilling, and adventurous book, but it touched on so many important things. I believe this should be required reading for 13 year olds in all schools.
-Exie Mc Kone, Mother & Grandmother

 This book is a must read! Not only for teenagers who think life would be better if they just ran away, but for all teenagers and parents as well.”
-Jamie Edson Opielski, Poet/Copy Writer

Wow! Is all I can say. The book was so good I read it twice! And now I pass it around to all my friends and they love it too!
-Ashley, 17

Lisa writes well. She draws the reader in to where her experiences become the reader's experience. This book might be very helpful to a child that is considering the life of a runaway. The author does not preach or moralize; she just tells her story in a way that makes the book a page-turner.
-Lon Woodbury IECA, Certified Educational Planner

This book was so cool! I was literally glued to the pages. It keeps you in suspense until the very end. Lisa is one of my favorite writers--she really knows how to pull her readers in. If you buy this you definitely won't be disappointed, in fact, you'll be wanting more--the only question you'll be asking is when will Book Two be released!

-Robert, Michigan USA

Lisa Freeman landed her first story in Guideposts for Teens Magazine, which is no beginning market. From there she compiled more than 1,000 stories and articles which have been published in more than 30 prominent magazines. She is also the author of five books. For years she taught others through community classes how to get published. 

Book Reviews

Lisa Freeman did a brilliant job of capturing teenage emotions like angst and loneliness in this book. Every teenager will be able to identify with the main character, who has yet much to learn about love and being content. The author definitely speaks the language of young readers. Her book will help young people to understand that they are not alone and it will help parents to understand what their kids are going through. I highly recommend this book to everyone.  
-Celtica, N. Carolina USA

I find both of Lisa's books an encouragement for others who have faced similar circumstances. The honesty presented in her books also helps the reader identify with her and see that yes you can come out of trials and tribulations. Lisa's book also shows you can do something with your life, that you don’t have to let your past be the ruins of you. This a must read for anyone who has gone through hard times and felt no one understands. I enjoyed reading her story and I can guarantee this is a book to keep in any family library for your family and future generations!  
-Mimi, Grand Rapids, MI

Based on a period of Lisa Freeman's life, "Run For Your Life" will have you doing anything but running. That is to say, you won't want to go anywhere but sit on the edge of your seat and get lost in this book. I found it impossible to come unglued from the pages. All I could think of is that Lisa actually survived through this. Once you read "Run For Your Life" I have no doubt you will be asking yourself the same question. While hitching cross country and back Lisa and her boyfriend encounter murderers' rapists' and mobsters' and every so often a kind natured soul. Freeman takes fear to another level. There's something much scarier than ghost's and goblins in this book; human beings. An amazing journey both physical and spiritual for both the characters' and the readers'. 
-Andrea O.


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