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Run For Your Life

Award-Winning Book

Based on her true story of abuse, Lisa Freeman is literally on the Run For Her Life. 

Run For Your Life Book Series

Elisabeth (Lisa) Freeman is an award-winning author. She's had over 5 books, as well as 1,000+ articles and stories published since 2000. She won Writer of the Year Award from the American Christian Writer's twice, as well as other prestigious awards. Her work has appeared in Guideposts for Teens, Guideposts for Kids, Focus on the Family, Brio, Breakaway, Guide, Signs of the Times, Today's Christian Woman, and many more.  More

Book One: At 13, after a life of abuse and trouble with the law, Lisa makes the decision to quite school and run away with her older boyfriend. However, as they begin hitchhiking around the USA, each ride takes them on a new terrifying adventure as they unknowingly hop into cars with criminals, pimps, rapists, and murderers. (Paperback)

Book Two: At 15, Lisa's on the run again, only this time she's all alone, trying to reach love her life over 1,000 miles away. (e-book on CD/ or downloadable readable file)

Book Three: At 17, Lisa is on her final run, only this time, she's trying to escape from the stronghold of her abusive psychotic husband who is holding her captive in an upstairs bedroom. (e-book on CD/ or downloadable readable file)

Elisabeth Freeman

​​COMING SOON: Lisa's New Release Paws for Healing

Award-Winning Author