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"Lisa Freeman is passionate, real, speaks from her heart, and is able to connect with her audience in a way that creates motivation and change. She led a three-day conference in our area where she interacted with and engaged our grade school students, middle school students, high school students, our parents, and even our educators. I would highly recommend her as both an educator and a motivational speaker."

-Mike Leskowich, Principal

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"In life, we all go through things, some good, some not so good. Sometimes we can become discouraged when our circumstances seem overpowering. I've been there, but I've also been able to press on through those difficult times and use them as stepping stones to get where I am today."​  

"I love to connect with my audience, get on their level, and be able to share a message that will not only impact their lives, but inspire them and help them excel to reach their highest potential no matter what obstacle may be in their path."

-Lisa Freeman

-Numerous Awards

-Founded 2 non-profits

-Successful Entrepreneur

-Raised 4 Special Needs Kids

-Raised over $20,000 for needy people and pets 

-Married for 23+ years (after surviving 2 abusive marriages)         Read More

Dressed for Success

She Has Survived and Thrived!

Academically, Professionally, Spiritually

Fun, Empowering, Uplifting,

Motivational Speaking in Lansing

Seeking New Motivational Speaking Job Opportunities

Has Motivational Speaking Jobs all over Michigan

Whatever the event, Lisa Freeman engages her audience the entire time with her captivating, uplifting message of hope.

She is a favorite for school assemblies, workshops in work places, luncheons, sales meetings, youth and women's retreats as well as for those professional meetings, conferences and community events.

Whether your group needs to smile, laugh, be encouraged, make a transformation, or be empowered to rise above their circumstances, Lisa Freeman is the speaker for you.

Inspires Others to Reach their Highest Potential

Lisa Freeman is a keynote speaker from the Lansing, Michigan area and has had motivational speaking jobs in various cities through lower and mid-Michigan (Lansing, Detroit, Flint, Midland, Bay City, Freeland, Mt. Pleasant, Lapeer, Ann Arbor, Okemos, Charlotte, Clio, St. Charles, St. Johns, Owosso, Corunna, Chesaning, Durand, and more)  for conferences, school assemblies, work place meetings, and church seminars.

Lisa Freeman Motivational Speaking

A lifelong abuse survivor, as well as a cancer survivor, and suffering the loss of a child. Lisa Freeman knows how to survive, but also how to thrive even through the most difficult storms in life.  Read More 

Highly Recommended

Motivational Speaker, Lisa Freeman